Free Training : Mike Dillard & Robert Hirsch Video 3 Live!

vide3 300x185 Free Training : Mike Dillard & Robert Hirsch Video 3 Live!Howdy you bunch of BADASSES’ Video 3 is live, here is the Email I just received:

Video 3 is Live: See the Everyday People
Who Took the Leap to Implement Our 3-Step
Formula and Started Their Own Business!

Hey , I’ve got a quick announcement for you – Video 3 in Elevate Your Income training series is now live and ready for you to watch immediately…

And this video has something to prove…

So far we’ve shared how Robert and I start successful businesses, and how you can do the same by following a simple 3-step formula. In fact, we believe you can start a simple, profitable side business in just 90 days with this formula.

But we know there are people out there asking the question, “Could this really work for me? Could I really start a profitable business?”

We decided to address this question head on in our latest video, so we invited some of our students who have applied this 3-part formula to share the good, the bad and the ugly about building a business with you.

They came from as close as Houston to as far as Alaska, Florida and North Carolina.

You’ll see Garrett, the 18 year-old who just finished High School and started a business with his graduation money. He now supports himself from the revenue he’s generating.

Then there’s Alexandra from Colorado, a single mother who works full time AND home schools her children, yet used EVI to start her own business even though she admits she had HAD NO CLUE when she first started the course.

You’ll also see Wes who used the “automation” processes he learned in EVI to increase his existing revenue by $10k a month, while freeing up more time to play with his son…

Or Bree, who used to struggle to make $3000 a month and now has a worldwide fan-base that raves for her healthy recipes … and now makes 5 figures EVERY MONTH, even though she works less.

I’m telling you, YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.

Click here to watch it now

Have a great weekend – Brad

“Staying Badass”

Mike Dillard & Robert Hirsch Video 2! MUST SEE!

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$3.2 million in 8 days with Mike Dillard and Robert Hirsch!

Mike dillard

Hey you big bunch of badasses! As you can see i’ve not posted in a while..yep I’ve been sweating it out with my project, creations and super business friends.  I’m launching my SMS Platform on Nov 1st but I’ll update you all on this closer to the time! So what’s this post all about? *NOTHING […]

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1 Cent FB Clicks

1 cent FB Clicks

What if I could show you how to combine DIRT CHEAP traffic for as little as $0.01 cent per click… 1 Cent FB Clicks has landed! …with relevant affiliate offers to create your own personal Slot machine that ALWAYS spits out more than you put in… Go here < This tutorial will show you how […]

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Make Money With SMS Marketing

Results from SMS Marketing

Howdaaaaay you bunch of badasses! My Saturday Morning has been insanely awesome!!! SMS marketing works! This is just craazy! *Display Images To See Results Below!!* So you remember the other day I told you we was doing our first SMS solo ad? Well the results are in 2 days later! Man, this is just awesome […]

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Friday Feelings – Boss Mode

Work With Brad Learn from brad

Heeeey! How is your Friday going? Mine is freaking sweet right now! Here’s the thing, I took action. I’m also pretty badass at what I do aswell. Wow Complete Boss mode today.. So before I went to bed last night my partner was moaning I was taking ages, this meant I had to rush finish […]

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Generate Traffic With SMS Marketing

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Dude You Hit My Car!

So yesterday I was at the garage filling up, as you do. I was walking back from the Kiosk when I saw a maroon car scrape down the side and corner of my car… Now, the thing is I’ve only just got my car out the paint shop after a tidy up, it was spotless. […]

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Empower Network Saturdays

..ARE FREAKING AWESOME!! Oh, almost forgot.. It’s PAYDAY! Man I love waking up on Saturdays, Fresh Coffee, Bacons SIZZLEN’ and the MOOLAAs rollen. It’s so easy my 7 Month old could do it.. ==> I’m so grateful for my Empower Network business, financial freedom couldn’t be any sweeter!  

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Empower Network V2 Env2

Env2 Empower Network v2

Empower Network is upgrading in 60 days to Env2. This new Env2 system will take over the whole world and will over take WordPress and Lifefyre. Every blogging platform will disintegrate in the shadow of Env2. Dave Wood & Dave Sharpe have invested $3.2 Million Dollars into this platform. It’s been developed over the last […]

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